2012 I Valérie Leray

A roof above your head Berlin


In the making ( À l’état latent)

Valerie Leray’s pictures imply a return to “the realms of memory” regarded as expressions of the artistic gesture, showing in the present time what used to be but which remains invisible. In her series “In the making”, the artist looks for the testimony of places where the Stasi exerted its power : the former ministry in Normannenstrasse and the former main remand center in Genslerstrasse – once unidentifiable on a map and called terra incognita. These places, today museographied but almost in their original condition,, these memorials are visited under the guidance of formers prisoners so as to offer the public their utmost genuineness. The layout of the furniture, the choice of the shooting angles, make a human presence palpable. Its minimalistic aspect and the limited palette – as many hints of a real-life history – have led her to play with overlapping shapes, and to emphasize their geometric and abstract properties. Today’s objects are both tacks of the past and allegories, symbols or sources of fiction.

Valérie Leray has also created an installation entitled: Mount, Frottage. Chinese paper and graphite pencil.

In parallel to this artistic activity, Valérie Leray has set up the exhibition “A Lapse of Absence” opened during the Open Studio of September 2012 at GlogauAIR.