2011 I 2012 I Olivier Morvan

A roof above your head Berlin


Olivier Morvan has been developing the escapologic project (www.escapologique.net) since 2006. Simultaneously thread and labyrinth, enquiry and crime, shovel and hole, the escapologic project is a long term project mixing drawings, installation, video, sound and text in a kind of enlarged fiction somewhere in between a police enquiry and a philosophical tale. An off-season seaside resort near the border, covered by troops on the alert under a rain of ashes. Stifled clamours of fights echo far into the hills. A hospital where some invalids are wandering, forgotten among the casualties in the precarious exodus bivouacs. Stocks are cramming in the corridors : water, milk, sugar, oil, honey, blood. This hospital is a labyrinth. A ship loaded with refugees has washed ashore near the deserted mickey-club. The stadium is requisitioned. Security forces surround a shack near the junction where three suspects disappear through a tunnel wich leads to a crypt. There is a fork after the crypt. One way leads to the hospital basement. The other seems to lead to the frontier.


  • Booklet A Lapse of Absence
  • Exhibition The Hidden Model Lage Egal
  • Exhibition A Lapse of Absence GlogauAIR