2011 I 2012 I Ségolène Garnier

A roof above your head Berlin


Ségolène Garnier’s engraving sculptures and landscape installations question our perception of space, the structures of the living matter and the “thresholds” of indistinction between landscape and architecture, the living and the inanimate, the natural and the artificial.

In Berlin, the presence of widely irrigated forests, parks, wastelands and family gardens create trails that make looks like a garden city. Ségolène Garner initiated a project on the cartography of this landscaped territories: an objective has it possible to reveal their uses while animated it with historical and poetical reading.

Trümmerfrauen is soberly composed of a line of buckets filled with debris placed obliquely through the GlogauAIR garden and two mounds planted with wild grasses. In 1941, air raid shelters were built in there parks in Berlin. Following the Allied bombings, “lines” of women sorted out the city rubble. Between 1950 and 1970, these shelters were buried under those debris before being planted and form “Trümmerberge” (rubble mounts). From then on, a new and specific urban park style emerges: places of painful memories reinvested by leisure.


  • Exhibition A Lapse Of Absence GlogauAIR
  • Booklet A Lapse Of Absence