2013 I Collectif 63°2

A roof above your head Berlin


63.2 is an artists collective founded in 2011, consisting of the artists Antoine Cousin, Nicolas Musée et Maria Roland and the independent curator Alice Cardenia. They present a nomadic bureau, with rhizomatic headquarters sitting through various exhibition spaces. This bureau, considered as a piece of work in its own right, is part of an exhibition on the move, the reading of which is modified by the surrounding space and pieces of work. The artists offer a new vision of their own works and of the tools specific to the development of the project, which takes the number 63.2 as its reference measure. After a first exhibition in Brussels in August 2013, la mire supported the collective with two residences and exhibitions: one in October in Berlin at the artists run space Lage Egal, and another in Tours in France, in partnership with Mode d’Emploi.