2016 | Maud Vareillaud Bouzzine

A roof above your head Berlin


The only ones to believe to the World. Photo Installation

The title is a quote from the book “The trouble of the World, dialogue between Hannah Arendt and some of these contemporaries”, in which she expresses the idea that the only ones to believe to the world are the artists because they can’t afford to be strangers to it. In response to this opinion in relation to its own posture, that is the reinterpretation of the violence of reality, Maud reinvests the photographic background for her journal in an imaginary conversation with Hannah Arendt, in which the pictures form sentences. Here is the will to get out of chronological logic of images produced for the benefit of shared themes, entrusted to the interlocutor (such as one speaks to the moon). Exile and discoveries, melancholy and drift, creation and anxiety, empathy and wonder, boredom and incomprehension, taking place in space in a fantasy dialogue, a tribute.  Afficher le message d’origine Cette forme reste ludique visuellement, à la mesure de la curiosité affective de l’artiste à découvrir la spécificité de constructions post-modernes qu’on retrouve pourtant partout en Europe.

Archive of the Berlins Plattenbauten. Cartography 

As presented for open studios, it’s a cartographic staging of the artist’s research. It reflects mainly a fascination of the artist for this type of planning.In expectation to pace each ward pinned on the map, it shows the preparations : Geographical markings, collected pictures of skylines and notes.This form remains visually playful, reflecting the emotional curiosity of the artist to discover the specificity of post-modern buildings that nevertheless exist everywhere in Europe.artist talk ” Concret skin”le 28 octobre à GlogauAIR

100# : Manufactured Future Nostalgia. Media 

Maud proposes a feedback of her residence in Région Centre – Val de Loire as a digital peace on the cutural website aaar.fr. Follow on : http://aaar.fr/revue/article/100-manufactured-future-nostalgia/ Every day : a snapshot and a hashtag. That’s the protocol. Every week is a series to which she combines a quotation from Hannah Arendt poems in French and German. This online work lies at the intersection between a photographic series using both the codes of post-pictorialism and Instagram, a journal reflecting her emotional state, sharing her daily intimacy which remains encrypted, and a cynical documentation anticipatating the future nostalgia about the Berlin of today, because for a long time already : “Berlin it was better before.”