A roof above your head Berlin



Residence of production, at Berlin Session Residency, partnership with la mire
From 1st of July to 31st of August 2020

Elise Beaucousin invited by la mire will concretise her research she developped last year at Berlin. She exhibited in the group exhibition
Du Noir dans du Blanc curated by Valérie Leray for la mire with Ben Glas(USA), Bas Keteelars(NL), Stephan Halter(DE), Stephanie Gerner(DE) at GlogauAIR, Berlin.

Graduated from the Fine Arts School of Angers in 2001, I devote myself to drawing on paper in pencil and work on black velvet. In 2004, a work is acquired in public collection by the Artothèque d’Angers. Twenty-five of my drawings are part of the Center Pompidou’s collection of graphic art in 2013 via the Guerlain donation. A catalog raisonné is published, on this occasion, editions of the Pompidou Center.

I exhibit in Paris at the Galerie du Haut Pavé in 2007 and at the Galerie Premier regard in 2008, in 2012, my black velvet are presented at the Cour Carrée gallery.
I participate in collective exhibitions on contemporary drawing at the Box Bourges in 2009 and 2015 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Angers.

Following a collective exhibition “Figures and landscapes” at the Kerguéhennec Art Center I was invited in 2014 on Aude Lavigne’s “La vignette” show on France Culture.
In 2016, I obtained a Creation Assistant from the DRAC Center and presented drawings on paper and graphic works in situ in a solo exhibition at the Artboretum Art Center in Argenton-sur-Creuse.

In 2017, after a residency of artist of three months in the museum Saint-Roch of Issoudun, I publish a personal catalog and in 2018, I realize my first lithographies with the workshop Pons.

In Paris in 2019, I participated in the first part of the Antichambre dessin, a collective exhibition designed by Alta Volta Agency and in collaboration with the curator Pauline Lisowsky, then in the second part of the Antichamber for the inauguration of a new art center in Beijing, the George V Art Center.

My graphic research began with drawings on music paper. The musical writing of the counterpoint, a link between the horizontal and the vertical, has influenced the line-by-line construction of the graphite drawing: the gesture follows an horizontal movement and the image is revealed in the superimposition of the lines.

In my composition, anatomical engravings, geographical maps, architectural records, plant elements are intermingled by analogy.

The landscape is my inspiration.

Admiring the writing for piano, the variation of the sound plans have a resonance on the realization of my drawings. Reflection on music led me to study descriptive geometry in mathematics.

In my drawings on paper, shades of gray and their vibrations abolish the usual landmarks between the infinitely large and the infinitely small and lead to an immersion effect.

Intercepting light with their stems, the steel pin designs convert their frozen patterns into a vibratory field.

In velvet work, the fabric is sewn to create a fold that catches the light by revealing the line. I handle forms in tension between the accuracy of the imagined line and the velvet’s suppleness.

My drawing unfolds inviting to browse the surfaces, gathering them by the look, immersing themselves in an elusive landscape.

Mental surfaces.

During the research residency of a month in Berlin, I wish to take and renew contact with the city and discover its natural spaces, through its parks, gardens and the presence of water.

I enjoy being absorbed by the atmosphere and the landscape of a place, from there my drawings emerge.

During this month of research, I will use black velvet: its lightness, its flexibility, its ease of use and transport allows to work in all places, both inside and outside.

I want to observe the vegetation present in Berlin:
I will begin with drawings of observations of vegetation
then draw big patterns on thin paper
to make velvet shapes.

The black velvet shapes are then flexibly attached by sewing needles on the exhibition wall, in relation to the architecture and light of the place.

During this month of research, I want to make several preparatory drawings in order to later realize other velvets.

I will present the velvet made in Berlin on the occasion of an exhibition at the Exuo association in Tours in September 2019.