From 14 April to 9 May 2009

Reading – musical performance at 7pm: Dissimulations & Dévoilements d’Artémis (new version) by Paul Armand Gette accompanied by Paul Laurent with his instruments (tape recorders and microphones) & Matthias Demoucron on violin.

Curator of the exhibition: Cyril Thomas / Artistic director: Valérie Leray.

For its 2009 programme, la mire invites you to discover a new collection of paintings and drawings by Paul Armand Gette between 2001 and 2008. A major figure on the international contemporary scene, he has created a site-specific installation entitled Le Cabinet de Diane using one of his favourite tools and media: photocopying. Paul Armand Gette explores forms and myths while anchoring his practice in scientific rigour. His visual compositions have one thing in common: they are all made from a set of naturalistic and mythological references to be decoded. He invests ancient myths, including that of Artemis/Diane, by focusing on the unveiling of the goddess through painting and drawing. For this artist, there is no difference between the two myths: “I also switch easily from Greek to Roman mythology, Artemis or Diana, depending on the moment”. Indeed, these goddesses are both dangerous to chase. Paul Armand Gette plays with the history of art and literature. Concealed, hidden, the goddess appears here and there. He tracks down and reveals the sometimes contradictory traces of the fiery goddess so often camouflaged to transport the spectators into a fictional universe where nature and mythology constantly intersect.



  • http://www.lamire.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/LAMIRE_PAG_LIVRET.pdf