Lucidity, Brigitte Perroto

with Augustin Gimel for the installation Red room

from 19 March to 11 April 2010

The works presented in this exhibition were conceived during a residency in Salzwedel, a former border town in East Germany, where the imprint of the Iron Curtain with the rare watchtowers still standing, the few photographs of a Nazi camp, the memorials, the disused infrastructures, the anecdotes about life in the DDR, mingle with the persistence of a baroque and Lutheran past.
A nebulous context where questions of positioning, whether geographical, political or existential, stubbornly float.

Obscure zones, floating positions, hints of submersion are materialized by a video installation and a light installation realized with Augustin Gimel.

Trained as an architect, Brigitte Perroto has been developing a multidisciplinary practice of performances, sound environments, installations in the landscape, video and net art for the past ten years.

9 April at 8pm : performance

Strolling reading of “Vois des peuples et autres textes” by Alexandre Koutchevsky by Elios Noël in the presence of the author and projection of the video [vwa] (3min30, 2008) by Brigitte Perroto.