Between places


27.08.2022 to 18.09.2022
Pening Friday 26th of  August, from 7 pm
Sa 28th und Sun 29th August 14h – 18h
Opening hours : Fridays, Saturdays 15h – 19h
and by appointment
“Is the earth something or someone?”
Passe au château cloaque, René Char in Retour Amont, 1978
RETOUR AMONT / RETURN UPSTREAM is an invitation to abandon the verdant deltas of platitudes to dig one’ s way back. Retracing the thread of water and time, one will be able to go back to the sources and listen to flattening of the song of the borders, to find the pollen of the spirit and to taste the wine of freedom before it turns sour.
With Catherine Beaugrand, Tiny Domingos , Valérie Leray, Gaby Schulze, Sébastien Pons.
Invited by Valérie Leray for la mire as part of the international AIR programme “A ROOF ABOVE YOUR HEAD” organised by the visual artists collective la mire.
With the kind support of the DRAC Centre-Val de Loire, the Région Centre-Val de Loire (for La Mire) and NeustartKultur (for G. Schulze).
at Rosalux – Berlin based artspace
Wriezener strasse 12 – Berlin Wedding
Kolonie Wedding