A roof above your head Berlin


Project of research, July 2021
Partner: ZK/U, Berlin
During his stays abroad or his travels, Sébastien Pons creates documentation in the form of photographs that he calls Notes. It is these Notes that he sometimes presents to the public and which constitute the ground for his plastic experiments. The goal of my stay at ZK/U is to obtain a series of possible starting points.

In his recent works, Sebastien Pons works on the face. He combines, from the skull to the skin, what constitutes it from a protean use of materials and manners. In the staging of a subtle and sparing back and forth, between the permanence of the bone and the placement of the organs of the senses, the artist speaks to us of the equivocation, of this time which does not pass.
Sebastien Pons likes the drawing by the documentary use which it induces, the photography to capture the settings but it is especially with the ceramics which he invests recently, that his step means, a cruel and poetic whole allying matters and colors.